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Hope 4 All was founded with one simple principle in mind:


We want to help make the world a better, more hopeful place. 


For us, this means identifying and supporting people, projects, and ideas that are innovative, sustainable, solutions-oriented, and future-focused. 

Awareness Wednesday

The EdD Series and Education Dreamer with Brandi Clay

Our Top Giving Priorities

Closing the opportunity gap for people in need


environmental concerns

Equine industry charity initiatives

Geographical Service Focus:   Grand Prairie, TX, located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, has been identified as our first priority area to support. Hope 4 All aid is not exclusive to Grand Prairie.  Needs outside of the city are also considered.

Levels of Support

managed grants and scholarships

  • Gifts larger than $5000 

Direct gifts

  • Gifts of $5,000 or less

Helping hands

  • Non-financial support


  • Any combination of financial and non-financial support

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Phone: 817-203-4588

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