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Hope 4 All was founded with one simple principle in mind:


We want to help make the world a better, more hopeful place. 


For us, this means identifying and supporting people, projects, and ideas that are innovative, sustainable, solutions-oriented, and future-focused. 

Awareness Wednesday

Restorative Justice in Education

Our Top Giving Priorities

Closing the opportunity gap for people in need


environmental concerns

Equine industry charity initiatives

Geographical Service Focus:   Grand Prairie, TX, located in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, has been identified as our first priority area to support. Hope 4 All aid is not exclusive to Grand Prairie.  Needs outside of the city are also considered.

Levels of Support

managed grants and scholarships

  • Gifts larger than $5000 

Direct gifts

  • Gifts of $5,000 or less

Helping hands

  • Non-financial support


  • Any combination of financial and non-financial support

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Phone: 817-203-4588

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